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Mykee Feature

  • Very convenient & safe keeping your Locker Key without worry about
      missing or being stolen.

  • No suction of water or sweat into the Key Band. Therefore keeping dried,
      sanitary & clean condition.

  • No worry about being hurt or being burnt by metallic key even in high
      temperature condition.

  • No changing original shape even in high humidity, salty water & in the water
      mixed with chemicals.

  • Touch-Feeling is soft & has good durability for being made of soft &
      durable material.

  • Engraved already number plate on Mykee & Writable easily by anyone
      individual Locker Number on Mykee.

  • Printable your LOGO on Mykee II or Mykee III, if required.

     Available Colors : 13 Colors (For each Mykee I, Mykee II & Mykee III)

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